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Bach in the Saddle

Watch out, Alanis Morissette; up-and-coming Boynton Beach triple-threat singer-songwriter-guitarist Alex Bach is coming up behind you with a jagged little pill of her own. Bach's raw lyrics, rocking guitar riffs, and powerful voice bring a feminist touch to the often male-dominated world of modern rock. Case in point: "Blame God Instead," where Bach belts, "When you left me, you never even said goodbye/Since you left me, all I can do is wonder why/I'd feel so much better off with you dead/And I still believe in you when I blame God instead." Damn, love hurts. Since returning from an '02 concert tour of American military bases in Iraq, Bach has been racking up thousands of downloads on and working on a follow-up to her debut that's due this summer. This local girl's a hard worker, but she's an even harder rocker.

Alex Bach, with opener Green Poet Experiment, plays at 6 p.m. Friday, July 29, at South Shores Tavern and Patio Bar, 502 Lucerne Ave., Lake Worth. The show is free. Call 561-547-7656.