Letters for August 4-10, 2005 | New Times Broward-Palm Beach

Letters for August 4-10, 2005

Garage Band Heaven

The jury's in: Courtney Hambright's July 28 column, "Kilmo, Represent," was great! Now that she is "experienced," it's her obligation to keep the last waltz alive. It's not about the money; it's about saving the last, dying breath of live original music: an art form with a life of its own, one foot in glory, the future of music, the other in the grave... and it must not fall.

The machine is broken, the radio stations no longer play local bands for fear that a 26-year-old male might not buy that new Mustang from Maroone. The trickle-down theory of musical entropy is taking hold, and a chill shakes my bones as Sony execs scratch their heads and don't know why sales are down. Choose life! It's up to Night Court and her kind to keep hope alive for every young Clapton, Hendrix, and Zappa who lurks in the shadows of lawn mowers, garages, and little bars... just waiting to be discovered.

Neil Fishman

Pompano Beach

Aaron Rocks

Let's help him: Thanks for the incredibly touching and educational story on Aaron Jackson's efforts in Haiti ("Saint Aaron," Eric Alan Barton, July 21). He truly is a saint, and I will be a making a donation toward his efforts. He is a hero and a reminder of the possibilities in life that open up when we act unselfishly.

Robert Conrad

Fort Lauderdale

Let's help the author: I loved Eric Barton's story about Jackson and his mission in Haiti. As a Haitian-American and aspiring journalist, I appreciate that he told the story by providing all the facts.

Many of the articles I have read from journalists who have visited Haiti were poor attempts at providing an "unbiased" story. This one was wonderful, however.

Thank you for writing such a detailed account of Jackson's purpose. Keep up the good work. You have found a new fan.

Sarah Etienne

Via the Internet

He helped Aaron: Eric Barton's "Saint Aaron" is a well-written and powerful story. Thanks for putting so much time and energy it. I'm proud to know Saint Aaron.

When he e-mailed me three or four years ago, I tried to figure out a place where he could help people along with being nurtured as an activist/leader. That is why I referred him to Sean Cononie. I'm proud to have played a minor role in steering Aaron in the right direction.

Michael Stoops, Acting Executive Director

National Coalition for the Homeless

Washington, D.C.

Stop the Cops

And send the mayor north: In his June 30 story, "Policing Hollywood," Trevor Aaronson did a great job showing that whoever "Hollywood's Finest" are, they have little to do with Hollywood's Police Department! And, after paying out more than $200,000 of Hollywood taxpayers' hard-earned cash to wrongly fired former Police Chief Richard Witt, these same taxpayers stand to lay out another $531,000 to Witt's lawyer, former Hollywood Assistant Pamela Terranova.

You'd think that Mayor Mara and her commissioner clones would have had the Police Department cleaned up by now. You'd think wrong, bunky! Almost ten years ago, the mayor told the Sun-Sentinel, regarding the Police Department, "People that need to be dismissed will be dismissed." A probe of the police force was made by former Fort Myers Police Chief Donna Hansen. Of the 42 officers whom Hansen found to have background problems, 30 are still on the force. Nice clean-up!

Guilianti was quoted as saying, "I would always prefer that individuals who are not performing their jobs at an appropriate level would leave our employ." Why not fire them? Based on that criteria, Mayor Mara, when are you resigning and moving up to Maine?

Finally, current Chief Scarberry made a complete fool out of himself when he said, regarding getting rid of unqualified or troubled police officers: "A decision was made before me not to." You bet your ass!

Harvey Slavin


Whack That Weed

And praise the paper: Wyatt Olson's June 23 article, "Attack of the Killer Weed," was excellent and needed. Your newspaper did a service to the community by publishing this information.

Nice work.

Jane Williams


And stop the other weeds: Excellent article by Wyatt Olson on the Old World climbing fern. We really need to keep informing the public about invasive exotic plant species and to discuss those invasive species that are being sold. In fact, this might be a good topic for a follow-up article.

Bill Bilodeau

Saint Petersburg

I thought Huns were the only invaders: Wyatt Olson's article about Old World climbing fern was excellent. Great information, presented in a witty, entertaining way to hold people's interest. Thank you for helping bring awareness to one of the major problems we Floridians face from invasives.

Martha Meade


Got Gamer?

New Times Broward/Palm Beach is looking for an articulate joystick jockey to write an on-line column for our group of 11 weekly newspapers nationwide. An ability to distill the essential elements of new video games without resorting to technobabble -- and without bowing to industry hype -- is a must. Also useful: an ability to appreciate and explain gaming's role in pop culture. A sense of humor is required; bad breath is optional. Interested parties should send a cover letter, résumé, and two sample columns of 500 words apiece to:

Andy Van De Voorde

Executive Associate Editor

New Times Newspapers

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[email protected]

No phone calls, please.