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Taking Back Thursday

If you read these pages reverently, then you've probably been following the progress of one Mrs. Judy Blem and her struggle to keep original music alive and low-cost in Broward County. In her latest arrangement, it seems Blem has found the right place for the right tunes. Cheers, Fort Lauderdale's longstanding local music spot, hosts its first All Original Music Thursday this week, and the lineup, as usual, showcases a great cross section of local talent. Low-key singer/songwriter Charissa Johnson starts things off with acoustic-driven folk-rock, what you could call thinking people's music with soul. She's followed by the roots-rock bravado of Miami's the Livesays, a quintessential bar band that should feel right at home in Cheers' dark, smoky confines. Closing the night are the funky fellas of Swoop, a four-piece outfit from Fort Lauderdale that dabbles in a full range of influences. All in all, it's a bill that offers three different ways to get your rocks off.

All Original Music Thursday starts at 9 p.m. Thursday, June 2, at Cheers, 941 E. Cypress Creek Rd., Fort Lauderdale. There's a $5 cover. Call 954-771-6337.