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"Welcome to Mu world, bitch! Especially all the haters -- I'm about to kung fu you!" Not the warmest welcome from Sheffield, England-based techno punk mutineers, Mu. Comprised of house honcho Maurice Fulton and his performance artist wife, Mutsumi Kanamori, Mu is not so much a band as it is a personal exercise in anger management. Somewhat resembling Señor Coconut meets Alec Empire, Out of Breach picks up right where the debut Afro Finger and Gel's bird-flipping left off. These new tracks give heat to Paris Hilton and the cult of celebrity, Mu's old label Tigersushi, and pretty much anyone and anything they've ever had beef with -- including whoever hid Mutsumi's tampons backstage. They fight and play dirty, cutting a broad swath of hair-pulling, eardrum assault, and balls-out hatin'. But like the films of John Waters, there's artistry in Mu's high-concept, lowbrow abjection. From "Throwing Up" well on through "Stop Bothering Michael Jackson," Mutsumi's banshee-coated English is ably checked by Fulton's freaked-out production. Once the frenzy tuckers out and the music is dragged back to the forefront, it's actually danceable. Glitchy, gothy, and beyond psychotic, Mu's cooked up one zinger of a recipe. Out of Breach may well be the only album out there that will make you want to throw down and commit hari-kiri.