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Space Cadet

As a globetrotting DJ from Hastings, U.K., Danny Howells hasn't seen much of Miami beyond a handful of days spent here spinning records. Still, he creates a vision of the city with his new CD, Global Underground: Miami, released last month. With pockets of support for trance and lounge, Miami's dominant sound has always been deep, dark, and percussive. That, however, isn't Howells' style: It's more airy and whimsical, encompassing the lighter sides of breakbeat, trance, and house. As a result, Global Underground: Miami is an artistic creation that -- for better or worse -- doesn't resemble Miami at all. "I think Miami has a particular sound," Howells says. "It was a challenge for me to create my interpretation of Miami." This Saturday, listen to his live take on the Magic City at Space and see how close he gets.

Danny Howells spins at 10 p.m. Saturday, April 30, at Space, 142 NE 11th St., Miami. Tickets for locals with South Florida ID cost $10 before midnight and $20 after and $20 before and $30 after for everyone else. Call 305-372-9378.