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Beat Street

What in tarnation is a Proto-Shizo? It could be a new type of Honda SUV. It could be some weird new Japanese sex toy that runs on solar power. Maybe it's some kind of massage technique. Heck if we know, but it sounds like it might hurt. You know what? Why don't you just stop worrying about what it is and go, because there are, like, eight DJs spinning breaks, house, drum 'n' bass, and trance. The only thing you have to lose is part of your hearing -- and maybe a shred of dignity when you bust out the Kid and Play on the dance floor. -- Audra Schroeder

Check out Proto-Shizo, featuring DJ SLIP187, Kharma, Johnny Dangerously, Storm, Elektra, Supernaut, DJ Scotty D, and Cre8 at 10 p.m. Saturday, October 9, at Eden, 2101 S. University Dr., Davie. Call 954-423-0009.