Letters for December 23-29, 2004 | New Times Broward-Palm Beach

Letters for December 23-29, 2004

More Suffering

That dirty rat: I just finished reading Trevor Aaronson's December 9 article "Suffering Together." I myself was in an organization in North Jersey called Kids in 1985 with Dr. Miller Newton. I was constantly abused, and it has damaged me for life. I was 15 years old at the time and only used marijuana and alcohol back then. I was physically beaten and restrained. My arms are permanently damaged, and I suffered 15 more years of drug abuse until 2001, when I got clean in Narcotics Anonymous. NA is the only thing that works.

This article brought back so many painful memories, and I was amazed by the stories. My question to you: Have you heard where Dr. Newton is now? My parents went through hell as well, and my grandma almost died having to go to those meetings. I remember sitting across the room from my family and one night darting across to get to them and being thrown on the floor by staff and other parents. I was there for 13 months and never went past being a newcomer. I hope these programs are all shut down!

Kimberlee Greenleaf

Phillipsburg, New Jersey

He's seen life from both sides now: I just read Trevor Aaronson's December 9 article on Growing Together. I spent 15 months there in 1998, completed the program, then worked there for three years. A good majority of the story was right on, but also a good majority was exaggerated lies.

Being on both sides, I really saw how everything worked. Personally, I hate the place and always have. Yet oddly enough, there is a strong place for it in my heart. Some of these kids exaggerated the stories. I still keep in contact with a handful of kids I was locked up with, and quite a few of us are doing well. Some are in jail, some dead, some still out there, and some never needed to be there.

As much as I despise the place and don't want to attribute to it my triumph over alcoholism and drug abuse, I must admit it really did have a positive impact on my life. I do agree that it was brainwashing, but my brain needed to be washed. I have broken free of gangs and crimes and have remained sober from all chemicals for six and a half years.

There was a lot of love from almost everyone. And I still have friendships with my former case kids and "inmates." Those bonds are still the strongest ones I've ever had and will ever have.

Brandon Sokol

Via the Internet

Austin Slimed Me

And we ain't talkin' Texas: I need to respond to a segment that appeared in the cover story about Death Metal Douglas by Courtney Hambright ("The je ne sais quoi of DMD," November 11). Austin Carl took some uncalled-for shots at my band, Radar O'Reilly. It's one thing to say we suck (always consider the source); it's quite another to impugn our reputation and effectively tell every club owner in town we're not worth booking. We play our hearts out and put everything we've got into shows. We have a great working relationship with a lot of local bands and clubs (all due to Death Metal Doug's tireless support for the South Florida music scene). We thought we had a good relationship with Austin until he mysteriously blew us off.

I guess having Radar provide sound, work the door, book three to five great local acts (such as Trapped by Mormons, Pandabite, Creepy T's, Vibradunct, Backlash, Mr. Entertainment, and the Numb Ones) while stuffing his cash register full of money was just too great a burden for Austin to bear.

As the songwriter in Radar O'Reilly, I have to have to take issue with the line about "there's no continuity." This is the mother of all throwaway terms, used by twits to cover up the fact that they know nothing about music. To fault a band for wanting to work in a couple of different styles, rather than one blanket sound, is one of the most serious problems with music today. Call me a classic-rock head, but did people complain when Led Zeppelin or the Who would go from a balls-out rocker into blues number into a trippy psychedelic tune? The temptation here, of course, is to say that Radar O'Reilly is no Led Zep or the Who! I agree, but we do try to follow some of the time-tested formulas of quality rather than worry about "continuity." DMD RULES!

Righteous Richard

Pompano Beach

Austin wrote a little missive himself: This letter is in response to Death Metal Douglas' December 2 letter to the editor. Douglas, it has come to my attention that you have been trying to reach me in the hopes of playing a show at the Billabong Pub. I really must apologize for not getting back to you in a more timely fashion, as I have been more then a little involved booking my, er, um, "cronies," or rather amazingly talented local original bands, for Saturday-night shows at the Billabong.