Say It Loud

Just like drunkenly photocopying your ass at the office holiday party, New Year's Eve often leads to fantastic embarrassments. For the rock 'n roll-inclined, however, these are the golden moments that make life worth living.

With this in mind, we put the following question to the Ubiquitous Timb, solo artist extraordinaire:

What was your most embarrassing/ridiculous New Year's Eve experience?

It was midnight on the eve of the millennium. I spent the midnight hour tied to a giant cross dressed like a black-and-white-checkered rabbit at a weekend-long hotel S&M party in Fort Lauderdale thrown by my ex-girlfriend's uncle, who runs Klub Kink. At the countdown, they threw confetti all over me and then put a plastic glass of champagne in my mouth which I held with my teeth.

It's the only way to ring in another 1,000 years.