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Letters for November 20, 2003

LRN is scum: Let me say that as a fan of reggae, I was pleased that you recognized a few facts about Jamaicans in South Florida ("Reggae-fyin'," Rebecca Meiser, November 13). This is a group of immigrants that is making an impressive mark on our region, politically, culturally, and -- soon -- economically. I've seen reggae grow in South Florida through my radio work. As a laid-off employee of WLRN-FM (91.3), I've been proud of the many institutions that have promoted different cultures in this community. It seems that our "public radio" has forgotten that. I, of course, cite articles that have appeared in the October 23 Miami New Times, and the November 1 edition of the Herald (about station programming changes). The station management should take note of some of the facts that I mention here. They actually have lied about the listenership of "Sounds of the Caribbean," saying it has few fans. Your article should send a message that reggae music is far more popular than they think.

David Reuter


Just you wait: Thanks to Bob Norman for opening our eyes to the corruption within the North Broward Hospital District ("Bad Operation," November 6). I have worked for the past 20 years to pay for a modest retirement that is based on three rental apartments that I hoped would afford me an income for my senior years. Little did I know that these kinds of shady deals were going on, robbing not only me but everyone else in this county. Needless to say, over the past decade, my property taxes have risen to the point where I can hardly keep pace with rising expenses. I feel worse for the seniors who are forced out of their homes because of taxes and insurance costs. What recourse do we have? Legal action? The governor? 60 Minutes?

Roger Viele


Help these people: Bob Norman wrote two chilling articles about Georgia Roberts ("Georgia Got a Gun," October 9, and "Georgia in the Pines," October 16). I can only imagine the fear that Georgia has inflicted on Kristi Krueger and the pain Georgia's children have to endure day after day. My heart goes out to Krueger and to Georgia's children. I hope Georgia and her children get the help they desperately need.

Annette Lewandowski

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A boffo columnist: I enjoyed Bob Norman's articles on Georgia Roberts. I live in Pembroke Pines and followed her adventures in the newspaper, but his articles were much better. I admire the way he pulled so much information together.

Harold Wyman

Pembroke Pines

Lifespan in danger: I think Trevor Aaronson might have saved my sanity. The stories he reported on in October 16's "Who Ya Gonna Call?" are small potatoes but have a plot line similar to my Maroone fiasco. Oh... my... nerves. I hope Mike McDonald will spearhead a class-action suit against this company, which rips off widows, children, and fixed-income people. I had to close my bank account of 12 years and was told that if I didn't make good on the second check (on signing, I gave them $3,500 and an additional check for $860 to be cashed in 30 days), I would be blackballed and unable to sign a check in this town again! Furthermore, they said they planned to sue. At this point, they owe me a lot more than I owe them.

Pam Wallman

Fort Lauderdale

They are the real McCoys: I want to thank Jen Karetnick for her review of my restaurant ("Euro-No," October 2). It shows her lack of knowledge about European foods, culture, and the culinary industry. First, below the statement "European Desserts Are Our Specialty" in our menu, it states to please ask for the list of daily specials of desserts. We have a separate menu that shows several European desserts. Did she miss it? Obviously she did. Also, Jen must have missed our wine and beer list. It has more than 80 percent European wines and beer.

Second, Jen cannot possibly know the meaning of the words café or bistro. If she did, she would know that we are much more than a café and bistro because we offer several grand entrées -- and have been rated very highly by four other credited food critics who knew the difference.

Third, when was Jen's last trip to Europe? We are Portuguese. We've visited Italy, Germany, and France several times. My family lived and some still live all over Lisbon and in southern Africa (Angola, colonized by Europeans). And guess what? Surprise! We all use fish, meat, and, yes, chicken. We just prepare our meats differently. If she knows Europe and foods, she would know that it was the Europeans who started baking with fruits such as bananas in their baked goods. Do you think Americans invented these methods of cooking? Who are Americans? Are they not from the European colonies?

Fourth, she must have failed math. Yes, I count 33 items on the menu but only ten are with chicken and nine with fish. Did she miss that?

The rib eye is also fresh-cut, not frozen. Europeans hate frozen foods. Oh, I forgot: Jen doesn't know that. And again, Jen's lack of knowledge shows on the karaoke comments. For her to mock Christian music just shows her prejudice.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a formal dining experience, Miranda's Café & Bistro is not the place for you. If you are looking for a casual, friendly, and fresh-food dining experience, Miranda's always delivers. Once again, thanks for the review. It has brought much laughter to our happy customer base, staff, and friends.

Luisa Miranda

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