Letters to the Editor

Some of his best friends are...: I thought Adam Pitluk's September 6 article ("The Heart of Whiteness") was interesting and good, not the usual smear of white people and their interests that seems to be the rule nowadays. I'm not a member of any of the groups associated with white power, nor do I shave my head, have tattoos, or wear combat clothes. I'm just a regular guy, proud of my Southern heritage, and I have sensed for a while now that there is something wrong in our society in regard to the race issue and the position whites are being forced into.

It is my feeling that the young man who said all the Jews should be put in ovens was only venting frustration; it is doubtful he meant it literally. I think the more that people can see that Jews are not all like Foxman, Dershowitz, Wiesel, Rubin, and some of the other heavy-handed liars, the less of that sort of rhetoric you will see. I have high regards for many Jewish people, including writers like Norm Finkelstein, historian Yair Davidy, the late Israel Shahak, and Jack Bernstein, to name a few. I don't believe any of the white groups really wants a race war or to see things degenerate into violence. All they really want is a fair shake and to have a society and culture that is their own, rather than to have it destroyed or taken away. Give them that, and they can get along with anybody. Take it away, and they can be someone's worst nightmare.

I appreciate your willingness to look into where people are coming from rather than giving the typical, Anti-Defamation League or Southern Poverty Law Center thumbs down. I think the people in those organizations are the REAL terrorists and cause many more problems than they solve. I hope you can avoid being sucked into the deceptive hatred that those groups peddle. And I hope to see more fair and balanced articles from you.

Rick Swain
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Free the Emerald Islanders: I fail to understand the Catholicism remark in your article. I reference the point at which you tell these Aryan or Werwulfe guys that New Times was started by an Irish guy in Phoenix. I guess to you everyone in Ireland or every Irish-American is Catholic. That's a little narrow-minded, don't you think? But then maybe you also think we are all drunks, too!

George A. Dougherty
(Irish but not Catholic or Protestant)

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The big guy taunts his lefty nemeses: I enjoyed your recent installment on the [white power] movement in South Florida. Too bad a paper such as the Palm Beach Post doesn't do stories like that.

J.D. Alder
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Creating praise: I have just read Adam Pitluk's essay on the white-power movement in Florida. He is a great writer. I really enjoyed reading his work. I am a member of the World Church of the Creator.

Marcin Karwowski
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She's with us in court: If any legal proceedings result from Wyatt Olson's September 6 story, "Hustling for Models," I will be happy to testify! I worked for eModel and feel that it ripped off not only me but countless other girls. Worse, I recruited friends who I now have to look in the eye on a daily basis. This is terrible! When I called for customer service, I got fobbed off over and over; they didn't answer my calls and e-mails. I would be more than happy to join any group that wishes to take legal action for reimbursement. I am out $400, and even after I expressed severe concern and displeasure, I was not sent a refund. Rather I was told that if I recruited ten more people they would send back my money. Unbelievable!

Rebecca Lakins
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