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Letters to the Editor

But he sure thinks he is: In response to Jeff Stratton's attack on Sun-Sentinel music writer Sean Piccoli (Bandwidth, October 19), specifically: "That simply ain't the case, unless [Gershengorn] was performing on a stage located in some parallel universe. Poor Piccoli couldn't have had it more bassackwards had he tried." As a 30-year-old clubgoer, I can quite comfortably say that YOU, Mr. Stratton, have it bassackwards, not Mr. Piccoli. I frequent both the Metal Factory and the Culture Room, and neither of these clubs has ever banded adults, they band the under-21 patrons. Yes, the kids could rip off the bands, but over-21 patrons have their hands stamped at the door, which the children cannot duplicate. (Well, if they carried an inkpad and matching stamp, they could, but they don't often go to the trouble.)

The only South Florida club I've visited at which I can recall being "banded" in recent years is the Chili Pepper. In the years when I was 18 to 20, I collected a great many wristbands from clubs all over the state only then, the clubs also collected your ID at the door to make absolutely sure the band stayed on your wrist until you left the bar. So Mr. Stratton, check your facts before you start harassing writers from legitimate newspapers. Mr. Piccoli has written for the Sun-Sentinel since long before the Broward/Palm Beach edition of New Times even existed.

If Mr. Stratton is truly a music editor and as dedicated to the South Florida scene as he claims to be, why does he seem to take pride in denigrating those who would support the scene? (He also slammed the Metal Factory, a club that presents some of the best local bands.) It has often been said that those who are not comfortable with who they are must put others down in order to make themselves feel better.

Do you feel superior yet, Mr. Stratton?

Jodi Turchin
via the Internet

Then again, that's not his job: I was really disappointed in Jeff Stratton's very negative critique of one of the bands that played along with 99 others at the protest rally at the Culture Room (Bandwidth, October 12). None of the groups that performed that night could use their own equipment. And each was allowed to play only one song. The bands should be applauded for showing their support for a cause. If Jeff is going to critique a band, then he should wait until a CD-release party. Or he should delay until he can actually see a full show. I was at the Culture Room to see Drop. I wonder what Jeff thought of them? Does Jeff hate original rock 'n' roll?

Personally the thrash bands were not my cup of tea; however, I respected them. As South Florida music editor, Jeff should really be out there to support local South Florida bands, not bash them; especially at an event that is supposed to bring together everyone for a good cause.

Melinda Terry
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We cure what ails ya: I laughed so hard at Bob Norman's story, I almost stood up [from my wheelchair] and started walking ("Citizen Fadgen," October 12)! You're probably too young to have heard about a famous radio satirist, Jean Shepherd, circa 1958. Well, he had the magic of your written word but did it on the air. Definitely nonlinear! This has got to be one of your top ten!

John Garon

But Roberts isn't: It's evident Michael Roberts did not choose to write about Brian Wilson's latest tour as much as he wanted to write about rumors ("Brian's Song," October 5). Guess what? He failed bigtime. Does he even know the songs that go with each album?

John A. Abel
Los Angeles

Brian Wilson suffers for us all: I would like to know if Michael Roberts is a fan of Brian Wilson or the Beach Boys in general. While I can appreciate the "warts and all" slant of the article, the overwhelming sense I get is one of hurtful intent and bitterness. Is Roberts a closet fan who feels betrayed by the real Brian Wilson, or can he simply not accept that all of us are different, and although it is cliché, really do march to our own drummer?

My perspective on Brian's situation is that he has always had underlying emotional problems, but he was able to channel [any anger or frustration attributable to those factors] into music. And those who choose to listen and are moved by his music are better for the experience.

Jeff Sanders
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Owing to a reporting error, Jeff Stratton's Bandwidth column (October 19) incorrectly stated the Broward County runoff elections held on October 3 were open only to residents of District 1. In fact District 9 was the only county commission seat on the ballot; the county supervisor of elections and state House District 94 were also contested. New Times regrets the error.