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Letters to the Editor

Many sources make a symphony:
I was thrilled with Amy Roe's article ("Stage Fright," December 14). Thanks for taking so much of your time to give it such varied opinions. I think that it could really make a difference.

Steve Sigurdson
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Harvey writes till he's Bluesten in the face:
As Daniel Bluesten, publisher of The Digest, correctly says in Bob Whitby's article ("Hollywood Tattler," December 14), "Joe Schneider doesn't pay the bills."

Because Schneider's column (written pro bono) was unceremoniously cut from The Digest by Mr. Bluesten and that insipid column by Hollywood mayor Mara Giulianti was added, logic says that perhaps Mara and her ilk do pay the bills at The Digest.

What Mr. Whitby left out of the story is that Mara also says that, since her column carries her byline, she is the final arbiter of what goes into it and can censor whatever she wants! So much for a fair hearing from Hollywood's mayor!

When Mr. Bluesten comments that Schneider doesn't pay the bills, it appears as if he is opening his mouth only to insert his foot! What he is saying, I believe, is that a small independent local newspaper like The Digest has to care about advertising dollars more than giving its readers valuable information about the sordid, stinking underbelly of Hollywood's rancid political machine, which is run by Mara and her commissioner cronies. And it doesn't matter to Bluesten whether the money is from directly elected candidates such as Cathy Anderson and Mara or their "friends," who have businesses that do or could advertise in The Digest.

It is interesting that only the mayor of Hollywood (not the top people in Hallandale or Aventura) has a column in The Digest, formerly The Hallandale Digest. Why this "special" dispensation for Mayor Mara, Mr. Bluesten? How is it that you don't have a column from the mayor of the city where you publish? Perhaps Mayor Mara and her ilk really do "pay the bills" at The Digest. It wouldn't be surprising at all.

What journalistic integrity, Dan -- NOT!

Harvey Slavin

Norman rules:
I just had to write and commend Bob Norman on such an excellent article ("One Man, One Vote," November 30). I just read it from the Black Radical Congress listserv, and I have forwarded it to other friends.

I now live in the San Francisco Bay area, but I lived in the Fort Lauderdale area in the early '80s. I look forward to any other articles Mr. Norman writes. Thank you.

Shukuru Sanders
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Don't you know, I'm feeling better:
Great news arrived in a follow-up on the treatments described in Roger Williams' story ("The Best Shot at a Cure for Cancer," October 5). My last CT scan showed no evidence of disease. A true birthday miracle. No one expected this to happen. I was sure you would want me to share this news with you. Many thanks for the article. It has given a great many people hope and the will to keep fighting.

Temi Linzner
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