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Letters to the Editor

Sanchez's Babbling Bluster Must Go
Thank God somebody said it ( "Rick Sanchez Is a Godless Communist!" Robert Andrew Powell, June 1)! Sanchez is an instigating idiot. Channel 7 is bad enough, but he is unbelievable.

Great story; I just have one question: Was any of it true?

It would be nice if we were rid of his babbling.

Wendy Pelletier
Fort Lauderdale

And Boy, Will He Fill Those Balloons
Hats off to you for your article on Rick Sanchez, South Florida's sorry excuse for a news anchor! Coming from a journalistic family (my grandfather was the chief photographer for the Associated Press), I was raised to believe the job of a journalist is to provide factual, unbiased, truthful information to the American public. On a nightly basis the entertainers at WSVN puke out their sensationalized, opinionated bullshit and then have the nerve to refer to themselves as journalists!! What an insult to anyone with a brain!

When the American people put their feet down and demand truth in media, Sanchez hopefully will get himself a clown costume and hand out balloons at the flea market; that's about all he is qualified to do!!

Laura Stenicky
Hillsboro Beach

¿Como Se Dice Bad Critic?
I too have eaten in restaurants that I wish I had never heard of, but Estrella Del Mar is not one of them. I read the review in your May 25 edition and could not believe your "food critic" and I had actually visited the same place ( "¿Como Se Dice Rotten?" Jen Karetnick).

I have had the pleasure of enjoying many meals at Estrella Del Mar since they opened and have not had one unpleasant dining experience. The ambiance, coupled with the delicious food fare prepared by Chef Giovanni, has been a culinary delight from day one. I have shared this dining experience not only with my family (which includes my two children, ages 15 and 10) but have made it a point to accompany friends there as well as recommend it to countless others.

Due to the frequency with which I stop in for either dinner or just cappuccino and dessert, I have become friendly with owners Gail Winer and Sami Aziz, two of the most sincere and hard-working restaurateurs I know. It is noteworthy to mention that they have always availed themselves for recommendations and commentary before, during, and after the meals. On weekends there is live entertainment at Estrella Del Mar, from flamenco dancers to flamenco guitarists.

As for Hollywood being a ghost town, I have been a resident of this area for just a few short months and have been surprised with the number of activities that are virtually never-ending here. The accessibility of shopping and dining establishments, the beach, plus the quaintness and "hometown" feel of this area played a role in my decision to move to this area. Please do not refer to Hollywood as Ghost Town, U.S.A.; that is not an adequate description. In fact it is an insult.

K.C. Lyons

Name Withheld… and We Don't Blame You
There are those who have ripped Bob Norman for writing his article on Donato Dalrymple ( "Fifteen Minutes of Infamy," May 4), but that's only because they can't handle the truth. Too many in this community (mostly the Cuban exiles) cite what others say or write as "insensitive," "bigoted," illegal," or "unjust" only if it goes against the exile cause. If Elián stays, American justice prevails. If Elián goes back, then the search warrant was illegal and the court hearings are unjust.

Just like a brat, if the exiles don't get their way, they throw a hissy fit. I'm glad there is a paper like New Times that does investigative research such as this article on Donato. If only New Times were a daily…. I certainly would subscribe. Your paper doesn't pander to special interests, does great research, and would probably provide this community with much more balanced news coverage if it were a daily. Even if it doesn't happen, Bob wrote a great article. Keep up the good work.

Name Witheld by Request
via the Internet