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Coming From You, Adam, That Means Something
On behalf of Wild Oats Community Market, I would like to thank you for naming us "Best Health Food Store" in your recent "Best of Broward and Palm Beach" issue (March 11).

We are humbled by the honor and take it as a challenge to live up to it during the next year. We will continue to strive to provide the best foods on earth with the friendliest service. We will also continue to be a vital part of each community we are in.

But this isn't just about us. In only a year, New Times Broward*Palm Beach has become an integral part of the Broward and Palm Beach communities as well as an important journalistic watchdog. We applaud your efforts and look forward to reading you every week.

Adam Matza
Regional Marketing Director, Wild Oats
Fort Lauderdale

One of Jenne's Brethren Comes Out
As one of "Jenne's law-enforcement brethren" arrested on the night of the raid, I wanted to commend you on a well-written and informative article ("You Have the Right to Remain Flaccid," Paul Demko, February 25). Although the media attention it brought has been difficult, I believe the outcome will be a positive one for others who share the "lifestyle" in Broward County.

Lynnette P. Hall
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Culture War in the News
Thank you for your excellent, in-depth article on Bill Gothard ("Little Soldiers in the Culture War," Bob Norman, February 18). I have already referred people to it in my e-mail newsletter, Religion Items in the News, which alerts counter-cult professionals to news items of interest. My compliments to the writer!

Anton Hein
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Norman's Character Examined
I am not a fan of Bill Gothard, but I truly think that Bob Norman's article is malicious, inaccurate, and unkind. Possibly Norman should have some lessons in character.

The public schools are a mess. There are no positive moral values or teaching present. There is more to education than readin', writin', and 'rithmetic. You know it and I know it. There is complete disdain for authority. I know many public school teachers who have left the public schools for other occupations, due to the lack of discipline, the lack of parental support, and complete anarchy.

I would sure rather have my children learning some positive character attributes than submitting to drugs, pornography, rebellion, and total disrespect for authority. I hate the bumper sticker that says "question authority." When I was a kid, our teachers were also social workers. They even gathered food and clothes and took them to the children of alcoholic parents -- they got involved in peoples' lives. Also, in my childhood days, these attributes were a part of the public school curriculum. Corporal punishment was a part of the curriculum. Drugs, knives, guns, and booze were unthinkable.

You gripe about any type of religious teachings in school, when in fact Christianity and the Bible teach absolutes, truth, and virtue of character. What is wrong with that? One major problem with young people today is the fact that everything is relative and there are no absolutes. So, is it now OK to commit perjury and adultery? Is it OK to lie, kill, and steal? But don't mess with sea turtle eggs or build houses near an endangered species of bird. This nation is really screwed up in its priorities and its fear that teaching character will lead to a Jim Jones-type situation. Give me a break. People are smarter than that, but withholding any type of positive truth from our children will only endanger the nation.

Richard Bresson
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An Environmentalist in the Culture War
I really enjoyed Bob Norman's thought-provoking article. Character First! sounds frightening. But I'm sorry to say that in Florida money talks, and Mr. [Hamilton] Forman is right, I'm sure his bill will pass. Interesting to note that this man who spent his time ruining the natural beauty of Florida is now going after its youth. It is a sad statement for our society, but thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Allyn Rodriguez
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