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Dania Bitch
This letter is in reference to Sean Rowe's story on Dania Beach's hard-line code enforcement ("A Fine Mess," December 3). If Donald Kahn were any kind of lawyer, he would begin tossing nukes back at Dania Beach: $10 million fine for cops driving on his [client's] lawn; $10 million because cops have not halted drug trafficking; and $10 million because the code-enforcement board maligned his client, Timothy Williams.

It is obvious that the fascist mentality is loose in Dania Beach. You can't fight such perversity with rational argument.

David Childs

Billfish Hugger Clearly Needs Reality Check
In response to Kirk Nielsen's story "Net Loss" (October 29), Steve Polatnick wrote a letter to the editor (November 26) condemning the University of Miami billfish research project. That letter warrants some clarification.

His concern that the research team's "... plucking [billfish] babies from the water" will result in "thousands of beautiful adult marlins, sailfish, and spearfish... not [being] there" suggests some confusion on his part.

A reality for almost all marine fishes is that when two individuals reproduce, literally millions of larvae result each year. Most people understand that 99.999 percent of these "babies" are destined to be eaten by a host of other animals that are employing the same lottery-type survival strategy. By analogy it's rather like collecting a few hundred acorns to understand an oak forest.

If we were catching hundreds of mature billfish (i.e., chopping down trees), Mr. Polatnick would have a point. But removing a few hundred billfish larvae from the Gulf Stream for study constitutes the proverbial drop in the ocean. Fortunately this is something scientists and most fishermen understand. The impetus for this study is our concern for the long-term declining trend of the populations of these beautiful creatures. Our ultimate goal is to understand their dynamics in the least harmful way and to provide fisheries managers with the necessary information to lessen the damage to these populations.

Joseph. E. Serafy and Nasseer A.S. Idrisi
Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science
University of Miami

Someone Has to Care For Them
I am writing regarding the very critical article by Paul Belden in the October 22 issue of New Times ("The Fear of Living Dangerously"). I have not known Dennis Des Jardin very long, but in my nearly eight years as Chairman of the Board of our organization and in my position since February of this year, I have seen the character of our population and can attest to the fact that they can be and very often are very violent and can truly be uncontrollable. The waiting list for this type of person is very long, and many organizations refuse to accept them -- the single exception is Victory Living.

We believe VLP should have been given more credit for accepting those more difficult persons and for the effort they make to bring those individuals into society as contributing members. Please then, give credit to Mr. Des Jardin and VLP, for, without their effort, where would these people go and who would care for them?

Fred Keller, CEO
Foundation For Learning