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Robin Dougherty, Don't Ask Me to Love You Forever
Robin Dougherty is the one who missed the mark in her review of I Love You Forever, the one-man, one-act play about John Hinckley at Tobacco Road in Miami ("There's Something About Jodie," September 10). My friends and I recently attended a performance and found it very entertaining. Erik Fabregat's portrayal of Hinckley was excellent and engaging, and I was not at all disappointed with the set, the script, or anything else listed by Dougherty as a shortcoming.

Maybe she failed to see the play for what it is: a brief (50-minute) glimpse into the mind of an insane person just before he sets out to execute his murderous plan. The schizophrenic Hinckley makes up his realities as he goes along, often speaking of fictitious future occurrences in the present tense and blending hard reality with his own imagination.

Most of the questions Dougherty raised in her review are easily answered by the performance of the play itself. For example, the "unanswered" question of why Hinckley has no friends is obviously answered by his obsessive and delusional monologues, pendulous mood swings, and odd mannerism.

In my opinion Stuart Meltzer has written an intriguing script and Fabregat gives a riveting performance of it. It's a piece of art that was definitely worth seeing.

Derek Cintron

We Told You There Would Be a Resurrection
Since Sean Rowe wrote an article for New Times about televangelist Robert Tilton, "The Resurrection of Robert Tilton" (November 6), I thought New Times would be interested to know Tilton has a show that airs on BET Monday through Thursday, from 1 to 2 a.m. Pacific time. Maybe Trinity Broadcasting should hire him to make them money too!

Jack Thompson
San Diego