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Brad's Karma Knocks Life Extension's Dogma
I waited a week before commenting on the Life Extension Foundation (LEF) ("Weird Science," Michael Freedman, July 23) because I wanted to read LEF's rebuttal -- what garbage!

Truly health-conscious people know that the ability to prevent disease and cure most of what ails you comes from within. Members of LEF are probably the same people who will always blame someone else for their miserable health but also look to someone else to "cure" them.

I know the secret to good health, and I won't even charge for it. Ready? First, stay away from quacks. Second, get off your fat asses and go to a gym three days a week. (Go even if you're not fat.) Third, watch what you eat (including supplements). Fourth, quit worrying about what's gonna kill you. We all die.

Brad Cohen
Boynton Beach

Knocking Judy Off Her High Horse
I thought that New Times did a great job trying to ask all the right questions and get to the bottom of the real Judy Paul ("Her High Horse," Dan Lovely, June 18). Unfortunately the reporter did not have any control over her evasive answers in response to the straightforward questions she was asked. I would like to take this opportunity to clarify some of the confusion I feel she has created for your readers:

1.The reason that residents knew Paul less than the other candidates is that she was seldom involved in community projects or initiatives and never helped those residents who were. She didn't participate in a telephone campaign to rally support for the badly needed new police/ fire/EMS building in Davie. This clearly shows that the firefighter/EMS issue was never her concern. She also wasn't involved in developing the current center and the plan to protect horses in Davie in case of a hurricane. No community involvement means no recognition.

2.Regarding her efforts to run against incumbent Monroe Kiar: the article reflected her first confession that she was plotting to run against him all along. In a January 28, 1997, letter to the Community News, she said that she did not want to run against Kiar because she liked Kiar. Yet records show that she filed to run against him before Kiar dropped out of the race.

3.What she didn't reveal is just as interesting as what she did tell the reporter. Her campaign fliers constantly reminded voters that the current EMS system sometimes has failed to respond to calls within six minutes. This was a serious danger to the public and she really wanted to change that, she said. But right after the election and with the help of the "reform ticket," as it was described in the article, she trashed the six-minute response time as well. She decided that "an average" of six minutes would do just fine for her friends.

Paul pushed for an EMS system which, by a firefighter's own admission, cost the town an additional $1.3 million. So how could she accomplish this without raising taxes and alarming residents to the truth? The "reform ticket" reduced the level of ambulance service from three to two paramedics, diverted a net revenue of $700,000 from new annexations to cover the expense, and earmarked future increases in property tax revenues to cover more of the same expense. This was done so quietly that, had the Davie residents been polled about it, you would have found literally a handful of people knowing what was really going on. Those diverted monies could have been put to better use.

Judy Paul is not the savior she purports to be. She is a puppet for the union bosses who needed a mouthpiece on the council. She now realizes that she has no choice but to break most of the campaign promises she has made. In my opinion, since the elections she has broken enough of her campaign promises that it is safe to label her as a traitor of the people of Davie. If there is one official who needs to be recalled, it is Judy Paul.

Michael Davenport