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Viewing Racism in Black and White
This is regarding Lucy Chabot's "Biting the Hand That Needs" (May 7). You can't fit a square peg into a round hole. Well, actually you can, but you will need a hammer to do it, and you will make a big mess in the process. This is exactly what government, from the federal level on down, is doing by forcing the black and white races together in every aspect of society. The animosity and hostility inherent in this approach is natural and inevitable.

At some point we will have to admit that the whole concept of forcing the black and white races together was a colossal and very expensive mistake. Only when we get beyond forcing the races together will we see true racial "progress."

Blacks that didn't "make it" in white "racist" Amerika would over time move on to other climes that were more likely to welcome them. That would be in keeping with the natural order of things. At least we wouldn't have all this hate and division. Oh, and we wouldn't need any affirmative action officers, EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), or race police either.

Rene Theriot
Fort Lauderdale

An Overwrought Ode to Dr. Dolan, Medicine Woman
No quarrelsome waif or pompous siren, Kelley Dolan sings from the point where touch is too intimate for politics or fashion (Sound Check, May 7). Thanks for alerting your readers to this melodic medicine woman.

Kelley's voice, sailing from strong to whispery powers, draws her audience into a bittersweet trance. The warm release in her often dark sensuality turns lyrics into an intuitive, liquid language. Her lack of pretension is disarming, her emotional generosity alluring.

More such reviews of exceptional local talent are a great way to keep this reader's attention.

Richard Ryal
Coral Springs

Cruisin' For a Parking Space in Hollywood
Your story "Cruisin' For a Bruisin'" (Michael Freedman, April 30) was very well covered. I was surprised to read in the article that [Hollywood] Mayor Mara Giulianti was too busy with her campaign to notice any sort of a problem with the SunCruz casino boat. What a campaign that must have been -- the boat has been docked at Martha's Supper Club since October 1, 1995.

Although the mayor claims not to be involved in the casino boat issue, it's funny that SunCruz is allowed to violate city parking ordinances because of Gus Boulis' political connections.

The community of North Beach has complained about the traffic and disruption to its neighborhood since the boat arrived, and many people have moved out of the beach area in disgust and frustration with the ever-increasing development brought on by people like Boulis, who is hailed as the "New Messiah" by the Sun-Sentinel and Miami Herald.

Larry Gierer
Oakland Park