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Freedman Cops No Attitude
I truly enjoyed Michael Freedman's thorough and interesting article about our local celebrity Virginia Snyder and former Police Chief Charles Kilgore ("Conspiracy, She Wrote," January 15).

I felt the article was evenhanded, objective, and well researched. I surely hope Mr. Freedman will be reporting on Ms. Snyder's lawsuit against the police when it goes to court in the summer, because it seems as though he can be trusted to be fair and accurate.

Jeanne Kurth
Delray Beach

Captains Cro-Magnon
I am the attorney representing Dave Earp, who was mentioned in your article "Captains Outrageous" (January 15). It is my understanding that Capt. Mike Halprin has threatened and harassed Dave and many others for more than one year. I further understand from my client that on the day in question, the following took place:

Dave went to Boater's World in Pompano Beach to purchase a grouper zinc and outboard motor oil. Capt. Halprin was either already in the store or came in later. My client went to the check-out line and Capt. Halprin came right over moments later. He said, "You're that Dave Earp dickhead. I've been waiting a long time for this day to kick the shit out of you," and then continued to threaten my client several times.

My client paid for his purchase but was so alarmed that he left the grouper zinc on the counter and went out of the store, walking to his truck about 75 feet away. He put the bag containing the oil inside the unlocked truck. The sales clerk picked up the grouper zinc from the sales counter and went outside calling, "Hey sir, you left your zinc." The clerk then placed it on one of the wooden posts in front of the store.

Dave retrieved the zinc and went back to his truck. He put it inside. By that time Capt. Halprin stormed out of the store towards him -- walking very fast, shoulders forward, yelling out threats and other harsh words. Capt. Halprin started swinging first, then charged Dave, head down. A few more punches were thrown by each man, then Capt. Halprin charged once more. He said, "I've had enough, Dave," and my client retreated to his truck. He climbed up and in, then drove home.

From the looks of Capt. Halprin, this is quite a manly man, sort of like a Norse warrior god. He looks like a man who does what he says. I take it that he is a man of action, a straight-up guy who doesn't bluff.

On this day, Dave was just lucky.
John V. Marinelli
Lighthouse Point