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Phil Bares His Claws
Dear heartless people: I am writing about the first "Undercurrents" entry in last week's New Times (December 4) regarding the "pick your own lobster game."

Do you not realize there is something wrong with making a game out of taking a life (even though it is a lowly lobster)? How would you feel if you were that lobster? Do you not have any respect for life?

Not only that, but you have to be glib about it and make a stupid remark about melted butter.... Sorry, I don't see the humor.

Phil Nawroth
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The Rational, Eloquent, and Persuasive Heather Speaks Out
Talk about your bitter vengeance. It's a shame you don't choke on the same words you so readily spit out. You bring your pompous Miami attitude to Broward County and trash a reputable magazine. I'm talking about the total lack of respect you showed the staff of City Link, formerly known as XS, in your recent cover story on them ("That's Why They Called It XS," November 20). XS has been the only major alternative news magazine in Broward County. And you, New Times, try (unsuccessfully I might add) to break across the thick, indestructible barrier that separates the two magazines. Well, trashing a magazine like XS, who [sic] has gained avid readers and devout fans over the years, myself being one of them, has led to one thing: I and others alike won't even bother to think twice before passing the New Times newsstand by. I see your paper for exactly what it is -- lining for my birdcage.

Heather Eberhardt

Now It's Getting XS-ive
When I agreed to speak to a New Times reporter about Stephen Wissink ("That's Why They Called It XS"), I never thought I would get into a "he said/she said" situation. Mr. Belden's assumption that his interpretation is the only one is arrogant and insulting.

When Belden asked me about having sex with Mr. Wissink, I took it out of the context of the pool party we were discussing. I do not know why I interpreted the statement this way at the time and can see how Belden could have been led to believe (based on the sequence of questions he asked) that I was referring to the incident at the party. He said to me, "Did you have sex with Wissink?" I thought he meant if I ever had sex with Wissink. I agree that interpreting the question out of the context of other questions is not particularly logical; however, it was the way I viewed the question at the time. If Belden had confirmed this and other facts with me, this misunderstanding would not have occurred. He can stand behind his interpretation to further his career, but it doesn't mean that the statement is true.

Ronnie Greenspan