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Wissink's Girl Toys Are to Be Applauded
I just wanted to comment on Paul Belden's well-written article ("That's Why They Called It XS," November 20). I can only sympathize with the people who had to endure the Wissink reign of terror. I applaud the women who came forward and said they won't take this kind of abuse any longer. I knew XS was a poorly written rag (save for a few columnists), now it all makes sense.

Diane Ray
via the Internet

A Man After Stephen Wissink's Own Heart
Paul Belden's article ("That's Why They Called It XS,") depicting yet another of the "he said, she said" occurrences of sexual misconduct, though having validity, is more evidence of a growing specter across America of what has become the politically oppressive legal situation known as "sexual harassment."

At times it has gotten so absurd and insane, it has threatened the very right we have against being censored and expressing our human rights.

In the Sixties, then the Seventies and the first half of the Eighties, we all began to enjoy our hard fight for sexual liberation.

Men and women copulated without guilt and without having to buy a license from the state! You were single and you loved it. You could express yourself to women.

Men who chased after women began getting accused of being criminals and "stalkers." True, there were times these accusations were justified, such as when someone was told they would lose their job, or if physical force was used. But the insane political oppression has grown to the point where any expression of sexual interest towards a woman can be defined as "sexual harassment" if the woman so chooses. Men can no longer joke around, compliment women, and look or smile at [them] without risking being labeled a criminal!

Men have a right to express their sexuality towards women. It's healthy and God put us on earth for it. Women have a right to reject it, but not to accuse us of being criminals for it. Sex is flaunted everywhere, yet when men express their sexuality, they are accused of being criminals. It's gotten absurd!

Dennis Marsella
Fort Lauderdale