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Diana Krall

Is it possible that there exists any sizable group of people who (a) have never heard Diana Krall or, worse, (b) have heard but are still undecided about her? Yes, probably both exist, and unfortunately, the latest release of her work will do little to change this scenario. About half of The Very Best of Diana Krall comes from 1999's Grammy-winning When I Look in Your Eyes. So this is a mere blip on the radar for her adoring fans. The compilation does, however, show that Krall's allure is threefold: Perfect rhythmic sense, purring vocal tones, and the ability to allow listeners a genuine peek at her soul. While Norah Jones has succeeded in bringing crossover repertoire into the jazzy-lounge realm, Krall chooses to take on venerable standards like "I've Got You Under My Skin" and "Fly Me to the Moon." Why even bother with these when, decades ago, Sinatra recorded his sublime interpretations? The reason is that these songs were so well-composed to begin with, they can serve the voices of a quick-witted Hobokenite and a tender-but-powerful Canadian songstress. Especially in the case of "I've Got You..." and the three previously unreleased tracks ("You Go to My Head," "Only the Lonely," and "The Heart of Saturday Night"), this collection may not sway all the fence-sitters, but it provides a satisfying glimpse into a gifted artist's heart.