Jackal & Hyde

Jackal & Hyde fuse breaks, punk provocation, and whacked-out synths for mind-altering electro that's sinister enough to quench your inner ghoul but not quite dark enough to stifle your inner groove. Made up of the visually nondescript Scott Weiser and seemingly Aztec-styled fetish warrior Todd Walker, the duo became a staple of the big-bass electro underground after the release of their first album, The Badlands, in 2001. The album, a combination of psycho-industrial clash and danceable breakbeats of old, was a fitting introduction to the duo's new-school sound. It even included remixes of Whodini's "Freaks Come Out at Night" and Kid Rock's "Pimp of the Nation" – the latter of which was surprisingly good, despite the Kid Rock part. Original compositions like "This Is the Sound of the Underground," "Get Down to My Technique," and "Seek and Destroy" encompassed the pair's distinctive schizophrenic cocktail of rapid-fire snare, deep bass, siren-infused rhythms, occasional sci-fi themes, and distorted baritone vocals. So, while South Florida may always be the "home of the mother-fuckin' bass" (see lyrics to "This Is the Sound of the Underground"), catch Jackal & Hyde dropping it Friday in West Palm Beach.