Of a Revolution, or O.A.R., as it's known for short, has come quite a long way from its humble beginnings as a college circuit band. But what many similarly started frat-house bands lacked, this Ohio State U quintet has amassed in spades: massive online distribution fueling tremendous underground buzz. 

It all began with three friends in eighth grade bonding over a shared love of Pearl Jam. When bassist Ben Gershman joined vocalist Marc Roberge, guitarist Richard On, and drummer Chris Culos in high school, the foundation was laid for what would be become one of the most widely touted live acts in the country. When the four of them met saxophonist Jerry DePizzo at OSU, the band was complete.

It's now been 12 years since the release of the group's debut album, The Wanderer, and O.A.R. continues strong, with another five studio albums under its belt. And the band's steady tour schedule draws fans out in droves to see its renowned live performances, even if many pooh-poohed its more Grey's Anatomy soundtrack-friendly sixth release, All Sides