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The Killers

It took the Killers the better part of a decade to travel from their native Las Vegas to the American Airlines Arena, but they weren't born for anything else. These guys started out thinking big and have only thought bigger since, from the Asian-nightclub synth-rock of 2004's Hot Fuss to the Meat Loaf-style heartland operatics of 2006's Sam's Town to the space-station disco-soul of last year's Day & Age. Fortunately, the Killers' songwriting gets better (and funnier) as their ideas on sound get more grandiose; nothing inspires frontman Brandon Flowers so much, it seems, as the thought of bellowing his lyrics atop arrangements that require the skills of a conductor. Flowers and his bandmates have caught loads of flak lately from the big-city hipsters that "discovered" them, but you can't really blame them for selling out. How else are you supposed to afford a marching band?