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DJ Todd Stylez Is the Bahamas’ Number-One Export

Nassau's gone funky, and Nassau's got soul. Just ask the Beginning of the End, the band that sang all about just that in the classic "Funky Nassau." In fact, contrary to hum-drum, steel-drum clichés, the Bahamian capital has always swung to a relatively citified beat.

So it only makes sense that a beat-crazed cat like DJ Todd Stylez would rise from such a place. Just as it only makes sense that such a place would inspire DJ Todd Stylez to stretch above and beyond any traditional island boundaries. But even the boldest Bahamians weren't ready when Stylez started pumping house into their favorite dancehall. And when he added electro to soca, well, you might say the whole town flipped its lid.

Within minutes, it seemed, Stylez was the most in-demand DJ on New Providence Island. Infinity, 601, Charlie's Club, Fluid; Stylez slaked all their crowds' thirsts. But there's probably not an island in the world that boasts the multitudes this man planned to rock. So after winning every DJ award New Providence had to offer, Stylez slipped away across the Straits and landed in South Florida. They say Nassau hasn't been the same since.

It was a fortuitous move for Stylez. It seems people in our stretch of the Sunshine State dig newfangled beats as much as anyone. And once people got a good listen to Stylez's pumping treatments of a soca queen (Destra) and a tagga king (Shabba Ranks), many of them jumped at the chance to become disciples.

Actually, jumped only begins to describe how clubbers responded when Stylez let loose at Rock Bar in Fort Lauderdale and Club Boca. And it's a cinch that jumping will only begin to describe what will go down now that Stylez has a Saturday residency at Opera Lounge in Lauderdale. Since Stylez has that island angle working for him, we're thinking maybe some sassa will be in order. Because he also brings the new beat of the streets, expect a little jerkin' and jookin' too. Whether anybody dares to do the Tuca Tuca remains to be seen. But with a global beat master like DJ Todd Stylez handling the fast action, any move will work — and every dance is possible.

DJ Todd Stylez's Current Top Five:

1) "Sweet Disposition (Axwell & Dirty South remix)," Temper Traps

2) "Leave the World Behind," Swedish House Mafia

3) "No Other Love," John Legend

4) "Trench Town Rock," Bob Marley

5) "Go Into the Water," Dethklok