Innerpartysystem | New Times Broward-Palm Beach



Innerpartysystem knows all about the DIY approach. Since its formation, the band has spent countless hours dissecting technology, transforming it to suit its needs. Its light show, for instance, aside from a few stock lasers, was all hand-built. Any fan who has seen the act more than once has also taken note that its show is in a constant state of transformation. No two have ever been alike. Innerpartysystem brings a high-intensity presence to its synth-rock grooves that is surpassed only by the serious content of the lyrics. The outfit was recently dropped from Island Records and this summer did the Warped Tour circuit, gaining new fans and appeasing old ones. And the band wants those fans to be part of its future direction — for one thing, it bought its own new website, (the old .com address is owned by its former label). "We put all our tracks up there for download, so kids can go and download, mix and make things of their own," says drummer Jared Piccone. "We want them to download it and interpret it their way. It's like a big IPS community instead of just being a fan to the band."