Chimaira | New Times Broward-Palm Beach



Chimaira's latest album, The Infection, crashed the Billboard album charts in April and landed at number 30. But no matter how well-received the Cleveland metal sextet's albums are — and credible metalheads line up to drool about them — listening to its CDs is like watching a mixed-martial-arts champion work out in a gym: It knocks around some heavy stuff, but it never quite cuts loose and starts ripping off heads. And so while you won't find yourself humming the monstrous "The Disappearing Sun" or the sweeping instrumental "The Heart of It All," the live versions will make you pump your fist. On this tour, Chimaira is playing a 40-minute set, which promises to contain at least one tune from each of its five albums. Expect a minimal stage set, with a lot of lights and even more shredding from Rob Arnold, one of modern metal's great ax men.