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Film Reviews Film Series Presents (Lame) Triple Bill

The social-networking site presents a triple bill of same-sexer-themed movies. In descending order, from middling to empirically bad: Watercolors — the most professional job, and the only one that takes a stab at Eros — is a My First Time jock-on-nerd love affair done with chiaroscuro cinematography and awful dialogue. Misconceptions has the most star wattage, with Orlando Jones himself as one-half of a gay couple fished out of water when a Southern, conservative Christian woman — her husband just to the left of a Westboro Baptist Church member — agrees to be their surrogate womb. The twang is community-theater Tennessee Williams, but it declines to take easy shots at red staters and deserves faint praise for its optimism. The same can't be said of Murder in Fashion, true-crime dreck melodramatizing the breakdown and killing spree of Andrew Cunanan, which ended in the assassination of Gianni Versace. As over-the-hill-at-27 rentboy Cunanan, Jonathon Trent licks vodka off a magazine cover shot of Versace and says things like, "You play for me, you play for keeps — I'm pretty, but I'm deadly!" while hack Ben Waller works the jerky-zoom PsychoCam effect liberally. Fashion contains the worst FBI procedural scenes in collective memory — possibly good for a laugh in the right frame of mind.