Falafel Bistro Wine Bar in Coral Springs: Outrageously Good Food

This second location of the popular Coral Springs restaurant takes owner Ilan Cohen's formula for fresh Mediterranean food and plops it in a sultry wine bar on the edge of Parkland. The menu in this larger space is deeper, with more wraps and salads to complement the authentic Israeli falafel platters. Those spreads, replete with smooth hummus, tomato, and cucumber salad and warm pita bread, are still outrageously good. The falafel in particular is moist and practically creamy inside. What doesn't translate as well is the warm, homey vibe the original bistro gives off. The new room is cold and dark, with far too many poorly arranged tables cluttering the dining area. And the wine bar itself, buried in the back of the restaurant, seems like an afterthought – it's mostly populated by the servers who hang out there and gossip. Still, the late hours and the larger environment (the original is terribly small) are a big plus.