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The first two nights of the eight-day Passover holiday are celebrated with family get-togethers called seders, during which the history of the Israelites' struggles for freedom is recalled. The uplifting series of stories describe enslavement, the insensitive Pharaoh Ramses II, Moses and his infamous "let my people go" speech, a series of plagues (lice, locusts, boils, cattle disease, raining frogs, and so on), lamb's blood smeared on homes, a trek through the desert, the parting of the Red Sea, and the drowning of Pharoah's army. Naturally, the telling of this tale is accompanied by a robust meal and celebratory spirit, both of which are available at Levy's in the Park (435 Plaza Real, Mizner Park, Boca Raton, 561-393-3989). A glass of wine and choice of chopped liver or gefilte fish start the meal off, and it keeps on rolling with a bowl of chicken matzo ball soup. The main course consists of brisket of beef, potato-crusted salmon, lamb shank, or roast chicken with matzo stuffing. Included are sides such as tzimmes and kugel, coffee, and dessert. Levy's, in fact, supplies just about everything -- the table, chairs, service, setting (including outdoor patio), symbolic seder plate, and full dinner for $18.95. As host, all you need to do is provide the narrative and the Jews. It's a good idea to also make reservations.