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Arabian Nights

Bored with Boca? No reason to be. Now locals can spice up their days with Moroccan Nights (21073 Powerline Rd., Boca Raton, 561-483-0666). The dining experience here is different from the get-go -- seats are actually sofas, positioned next to low tables; fabrics rich in color and texture are the ceiling; and belly dancers, swinging hips in time to darboukas (Moroccan drums) are the live -- very live -- entertainment. Owner Uri Zohar and chef Hassan Zahidi promise equally authentic fare such as tagine Belbarkouk (lamb or beef stewed with prunes) and couscous Merguez (couscous with vegetables and grilled Moroccan sausages). Spices including cumin, saffron, and peppers are imported from Morocco, and all meat, the management says, is kosher.<