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Some Architecture

When it comes to reinvention, historic properties are limited by their past, which must be preserved. Within those guidelines, though, the imagination can be unfettered, as the Addison, home office of renowned architect Addison Mizner, demonstrates. First opened in November 1999, the Addison has recently been relaunched as the Banyan Bar & Grill at the Addison (2 E. Camino Real, Boca Raton, 561-395-9335). The arboreal part of the moniker comes from the extensive tree canopy that shields the courtyard. The menu has been tweaked in keeping with Executive Chef Jeffrey Sachs' philosophies. His upscale American cuisine comes to the table in the form of items like "chips and dips," a changing selection of homemade potato chips and dips; skirt steak Cobb salad; fried chicken with tasso gravy; and barbeque beef short ribs with horseradish-mashed potatoes. A newly renovated bar, featuring plasma-screen televisions, makes a tempting alternative to your den on game day. In fact, though it doesn't look like history will repeat itself this year, the Banyan Bar & Grill would be the perfect place to watch the Dolphins take the playoff field. Which brings us to another thing historic properties are good for -- inspiring dreams.