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Crooning for Beef Balls

If tomatoes could sing, what would their songs be about? Sunshine, rain -- tomatoes like a lot of water -- and Tayfun and Taner Gokalp. That's because the two brothers, natives of Turkey, opened a market-cum-eatery called Singing Tomatoes (677 N. Federal Hwy., Pompano Beach, 954-782-1434). The place is an ode to imported canned and jarred olives, eggplant, and assorted pickles as well as starches ranging from beans to sesame seeds. Then there are refrigerated and frozen products including manti (dumplings) and kofte (beef-walnut balls). For some, the true draw may be the salad bar; for others, the food-by-the-pound buffet is an invitation to feast on authentic beef stew, white bean salad, pureed eggplant, and sosis (sausage in tomato sauce) hoagies. As for me, I'd perform arias for the syrupy pastries, but I'd be afraid the tomatoes would be fresh enough to drown me out.