Grab Your Jerseys

If you're reading this article it's because (1) you actually have no idea who Murphy's Law or 25 ta Life are, (2) you're shocked that any mainstream press is going to a show like this one, or (3) you're homeless and bored. If you're in the second category, you're already gonna see this mind-meld of old-school hardcore punk acts. If you're in the first category and claim to be into punk rock, no article could fill the gap between your ears. So attention, homeless people! Gather your money and walk to Churchill's and Studio A for what will likely be two of the rowdiest, sing-alongest shows to grace Miami stages this year.

Murphy's Law is one of the first New York City hardcore punk acts to break out of that regional scene, led by the Astoria, Queens-bred Jimmy Gestapo, the band's cartoonishly tattooed singer (and only remaining original member). The band's songs are a lovely mix of streetwise tales bolstered by a firm love of marijuana, chanted and sung over the top of crunchy-loud guitars, pounding bass, and machine-gun drums. These guys are known to perform under all kinds of adverse conditions while also being extremely inebriated. They had to cancel their European tour this summer, and rumor has it that their guitar player was actually too wasted to do what he had to do. Now with a firm and committed lineup, they return to Miami to play a day after their Jersey friends, 25 ta Life.

The guys in 25 ta Life heard the songs and sounds of NYC punk in the '80s come drifting across the Hudson River, then did what every snot-nosed, tough-guy punk rock fan did: They started a band (in 1992) and went on the road. Only thing is, they never got off tour — they're one of the most ubiquitous live acts in hardcore. Now they're back. 25 ta Life shows inevitably take over a corner of the club with a swap shop of on-the-road punk distribution. CDs, DVDs, and T-shirts deck the tables. Everything is for sale or trade — just talk to the white guy from New Jersey with the really long dreads. His name is Rick, and he's the band's singer. Bring money, energy, and a Slapshot T-shirt to this show and you will not be disappointed.