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Daddy's Little Girl

Whoever said children don't like to follow in their fathers' footsteps? Certainly not Tony Sindaco, chef-owner of Sunfish Grill, whose daughter Paula was a finalist in the recent recipe contest cook-off benefiting the Children's Home Society. Her Italian-style cauliflower made Papa proud, despite the fact that the winner in her category, Allison Deutch, age 9, took the top "sous chef" honor for her corn-bread pudding. "I lost my first contest too," Sindaco told me at the event, where Roberto Mieses-Robleto, age 10, and Byron Lopez, age 9, also took blue ribbons for their marmahon and oatmeal raisin cookies in their respective "chef" and "pastry chef" arenas. "After that, I never lost again," Sindaco noted, trying to cheer up his daughter. And since Sunfish Grill will celebrate its fifth anniversary this spring, I'd wager that his words of encouragement were quite far from an empty boast.