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Mango Madness

If your eyes are watering, your nose is twitching, and your scalp is itching, you may have noticed that the mango trees are in full bloom. And if the extensive golden-pink crowns these babies are wearing are anything to go by, this season is going to bring us more mango-daiquiri opportunities than we might be able to handle. But if you're not a proud tree owner, don't worry -- you don't have to covet your neighbor's Haden, Glenn, or Julie (not to mention his blender) any longer. Just head over to Hopkins Tropical Fruit Nursery (5200 SW 160th Ave., Southwest Ranches, 954-434-5558), "where the exotic becomes reality" via more than a dozen varieties of the grafted fruit trees. Not only can you buy yourself a sure-thing producer for about $30, you might even be able to score one that'll bear juicy samples the first year you own it; indeed, some of the trees for transplant that I saw on my last visit were already in bloom. Hint: Forget Julie. Go for Carrie -- she's the real beaut.