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What does a restaurateur do with a location that had become known more for scandal than for food? Capitalize on it, of course. The owners of Gryphon (10076 Griffin Rd., Cooper City, 954-252-1411) recently sent out press releases acknowledging that the restaurant preceding the new eatery and nightclub, the erstwhile Churchill's, was "the victim of a bitter divorce battle between [owners] Robert and Victoria Williamson." Other than a little morbid curiosity, Gryphon's proprietors also probably hope to engender a similar clientele since, like Churchill's, the restaurant is done up in "exquisite antique décor." Let's just hope Gryphon's antiques don't meet the same fate as those of Churchill's: During the divorce proceedings, some of the so-called priceless pieces were discovered to be reproductions, while those that retained real value were quickly sold at a first-come, first-served public auction.