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Some people are just tomato freaks; they'll do anything for a good, juicy tomato. Like my dad, who has been on a lifelong mission to find the world's perfect tomato. Good thing he lives in New Jersey, where many of the country's summer tomatoes are planted. This time of year particularly bugs him, though; the crops have yet to bear fruit. That's why I'm sure he'll be pleased to receive his Father's Day gift: Florida tomatoes from the Orangery (7425 NW 57th St., Tamarac, 954-722-2550). The Orangery will ship him a 16-pack of tomatoes for $26.95 plus $3.95 for shipping and handling. (Indian River Valencia oranges, ruby red grapefruit, and Murcott honey tangerines are also available for those of us not tomato-obsessed.) Will these juicy red globes prove the end to my dad's quest? Probably not. But they may slow it down -- for at least a week.