Playtoy Playmate

Bear and Bird Gallery, perched atop Tate’s Comics in Lauderhill, has long explored the connection between fine art and toys. Past events have included a munny doll extravaganza (the plastic toys that serve as blank canvases), getting as close as you can to making a silk purse out of a cigar’s box, and Star Wars characters as Beanie Baby-style art. And they’re going freeform in their latest exhibit, titled “Peculiar Playmates: Curious Sculptural Artworks.”

Gallery owner/curator Amanda Magnetta-Ottatti gave the artists, from as far as away as Berlin and as local as South Florida, minimal direction. As a result, she’s not sure what they will come up with. “Each artist is so different from the others,” she says. “None do the same thing, so it will be interesting to see them displayed together.” Artwork from Megan Bogonovich, Mark Errol, Kit Lane, Ninon, Crissy Penuel, and Rosanna Pereyra will include the usual hand-stitched, stuffed figures that are often on display (and made at the gallery each month during its StitchBird Workshops), plus ceramic figurines that, if they weren’t so quirky, wouldn’t look out of place in the display case in Grandma’s living room.

The exhibit will be on display through September 25 at Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery, located at 4566 N. University Drive in Lauderhill. Visit, or call 954-748-0181.
Sat., Aug. 7, 7 p.m.; Sundays, noon; Mondays-Thursdays, Saturdays, 11 a.m. Starts: Aug. 7. Continues through Sept. 25, 2010