Restaurant Reviews


The question many diners have is not where to find a fabulous meal, but what to do afterward to prolong the experience. Scents & Cigars (2001 N. Federal Hwy., Pompano Beach, 954-784-1177) has a solution. Located next to Cafe Arugula, one of the best restaurants in South Florida, the cigar shop looks like an old English library and smells a little bit like a pipe-smoking grandfather. Not only can you buy a tasty stogy rolled with Dominican tobacco (Partigas, Arturo Fuente, or Macanudo) to savor as you recline on a couch; you can also bring your own bottle of port as an accompaniment. Become a regular, and Scents will allow you to store your liquor there. The only way you could be more comfortable would be to smoke and sip in your own living room. But that kind of defeats the purpose of going out, now, doesn't it?