Meeting People is Easy

So what if kicked you out — how were you supposed to know it’s not cool to tell your date you have mace in your pocketbook? And eHarmony… hah! Those losers rejected you just because you put “no man-hating she-devils” in your profile. Well, no one said online dating would be easy or baggage free. The trick — like any other dating situation — is to minimize the appearance of your baggage without highlighting the weirdness of your date’s. Apparently, no one told this to Susan and Elliot.

In Nerve, a new play opening tonight at the Naked Stage, Susan and Elliot are a would-be couple who’ve met online. Elliot is overly anxious, partly because he’s fallen in love with Susan’s heartfelt emails, but mostly because it’s been so long. Susan, who should be a pro at Internet dating by now, is apt to muck things up by — among other things — talking about her job at a company that fashions penile implants. The good news is, they’re both so flawed it kinda works. Or does it? Discover the vagaries of Internet dating when Nerve hits the Pelican Theatre at Barry University tonight at 8 (11300 NE Second Ave., Miami Shores). Tickets cost $25. Call 866-811-4111, or visit
Thursdays-Sundays. Starts: Nov. 7. Continues through Nov. 30, 2008