The World Illuminated

What if you awoke one morning and your world had changed? The horizon, instead of holding its steady blue tinge, had become unpredictable. Colorful. Illuminated with fluorescent reds, yellows, and greens. You would discuss the situation with strangers to determine that it wasn’t simply your perception. The glitter paint job on your Hyundai would sparkle like a Studio 54 disco ball as you cruised through town.

This is just one way to interpret “Sketch 01, Horizon,” Ivan Toth Depeña’s installation piece currently showing at the Hollywood Art and Culture Center (1650 Harrison St., Hollywood). The work is unconventional in both design and execution: Depeña built a long, wooden light box and suspended it from the ceiling with wires. It’s lowered to a point between your knee and waist. The lights are directed at the floor, which is covered by a long, slender mirror that reflects both the brightly contrasting light and the design and placement of the fixtures upwards. It plays heavily on Depeña’s career background, he studied architecture at Pratt, UM, and Harvard, and he uses those skills to enhance the artistic elements of his design with clean, sweeping, lines. It’s the world turned inside out, altered, and left un-clarified for you to decipher. Catch it through November 23. Tickets cost $3 to $7. Visit
Nov. 13-23, 2008