You Have Reached Brewtopia

Ballerinas are of a gentle lineage. They can leap over our heads like catapulting pop-up toys and twist dexterously like rubber chickens, but they can't do any of it without financing.

That's right! The crew at Case and Keg Beerworld watched sadly this year as funding was slashed for the Morikami Museum and the Boca Ballet, two important non-profits. But rather than sitting around on their kegs, they decided to do something. Thus evolved the first-ever Brewtopia: a frothy fundraiser that's saving the arts, one delectable sip at a time. The evening will be dapper: more than 100 varieties of delicious, thirst-quenching beers are yours to try under a 10,000 square foot tent, placed in the picturesque landscape of the Morikami (4000 Morikami Park Rd., Delray Beach).

A piddly $25 (for advanced tickets, $30 the evening of) gets you access to otherwise evasive varieties of brew. Native Brewing Company, and other fine hops champions, will be doling out samples. But what are the evening's shining jewels? "Most likely the Belgian beers," says Jeff Abbarno, Manager of Case and Keg Beerworld. He assures that "you won't find Yuengling, Bud Light, or Bud Light Lime at this event. This is by people who know about beer, for people who know about beer." If you've ever had the hunch that you might be one of those fancy beer folk, tonight's your chance to shine. There will also be food vendors, merch tables, and something billed as "extreme beers"; and really, how can you resist "extreme beers"? For advanced tickets and information, visit, or call 561-368-7164.
Sat., Nov. 22, 2008