When Musical Worlds Collide, Mash 'em Up

When people think of the Opera, they think of grand-scale performances, box seats, little binoculars that make those holding them seem insanely pretentious, serious lung capacities, and grandiose opera-house architecture. When people think of bluegrass, they think banjo-wielding, grass chewing, down-home honky tonk. These two worlds will collide at the weekly showcase Opera Mash-Up on Tuesday. If that isn’t innovative enough for you, consider Billy will lay experimental noise music on top of recorded sessions of opera and bluegrass. If that makes you feel like you’re asking for a brain hemorrhage, just come for the opera. There’s nothing more delightful than sipping a cold beer or playing a game of pool while listening to a serious pair of lungs belt out arias in French, Italian, or German.
Tuesdays, 9 p.m. Starts: June 9. Continues through June 30, 2009