Anime Yourself

If you were a tween in the '90s and you did not watch Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon after school every day, well, congratulations you had a social life. Please turn the page now. For the rest of the Vampire-Princess-Miyu-watching, Demon-Hunter-Makaryuudo-loving, Akira-worshiping freaks, it's time to come blinking out into the sunlight again. It's Go time! The fifth-annual anime festival is being called Chibi-Pa: GO!! ("Go" being the pronunciation of the Japanese word for five.) This year, the three day orgy of cosplay, furrie-play, drunken karaoke, and general Japanese subculture decadence has relocated to the Hilton Airport Palm Beach Hotel (150 Australian Ave., West Palm Beach). For the entire weekend, $30 will get you in -- not including hotel stay, of course. On Friday and Sunday, it's $15 at the door, $25 on Saturday. In addition to the general all-ages events, there will be a Hentai Cosplay Contest on Saturday night and a Hentai and Yaoi movie night. Visit for more information and registration.
Fri., Aug. 27; Sat., Aug. 28; Sun., Aug. 29, 2010