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On the Naughty List

Naughty Marietta is an American operetta dating back to 1910. It hasn’t been staged much in decades, but it’s about to see the light of day again with a revival by the Palm Beach Light Opera Company, a newfangled nonprofit, on the operetta’s 100th anniversary.

The star is Countess Marietta, a runaway from France. She arrives in French New Orleans, 1750, disguised as a casket girl, one of the riff-raff rounded up from the streets of France and ejected to the early colonies as ready-made, virginal wives (creepy, eh?). In New Orleans, the countess cozies up to an American frontiersman and flirts at the same time with Etienne, the lieutenant governor’s son. Hence, her naughtiness. Meantime, a mysterious pirate is on the loose and will become relevant to all parties involved. The Palm Beach Light Opera is staging this classic with a 30-piece orchestra.

Naughty Marietta will be performed at the Eissey Campus Theatre, Palm Beach Community College (11051 Campus Drive, Palm Beach Gardens) at 8 p.m. Sunday. Tickets cost $25, $10 for students. Call 561-283-2400, or visit pblightopera.com.
Sun., Jan. 10, 8 p.m., 2010