Miss Pretty Had It Coming

When Alicia Olink instructs people to look at her privates, they do it. The Kill Miss Pretty frontwoman exudes that magical prowess necessary for successful rock stars, cult leaders, and mythological sirens alike. So when she addresses her hypnotized crowd with “Hey, look at my vag!” and tugs her anime-styled mini, revealing a pair of gold bikini briefs, it’s safe to say the audience is onboard.

The trio of KMP channels this sexual energy through varied bedfellows – early ’90s industrial distortion, gritty synthetic riffs, and dalliances with glam – to produce an evolved poke at modern club rock. Add in LSD-inspired stage outfits and a legion of 3D and online followers, and well, hell. You’ve got all the makings of a revolution.

Take part in the costumed uprising tonight when Kill Miss Pretty plays Propaganda, located at 6 South J Street, in Lake Worth. They’ll have support by TV Kills Kids and headliner, Digital Leather. Check out KMP and Olink’s panties at killmisspretty.com.
Mon., Sept. 28, 8 p.m., 2009