Showcase for Champions

When Laffing Matterz closed in April, Chrystal Hartigan found herself scrapping for a venue to host the monthly Songwriter's Showcase she’d launched in October 2008. So the longtime local-music champion put the word out and reaped the rewards of years of goodwill. Of the 25 offers that came her way, one was just too tantalizing: the Abdo Room at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts (201 SW Fifth Avenue, Fort Lauderdale). By May, Hartigan was up and running in the repurposed room. Since then, the event has pulled in seasoned singer-songwriters such as Rod MacDonald, Marianne Flemming and Big Poppa E, and witnessed an emotional farewell performance by Teri Catlin, who moved to San Franscisco. To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Showcase, Hartigan has assembled a typically genre-spanning mix of local and national talent, including Vickie Raye, Charissa Johnson, Justin Enco, Fernado Osorio, Inez Barlatier, The Silver Nightingale, and Orlando-based Americana up-and-comer Matt Butcher. The event also recognizes Daniel Pearl World Music Days, a monthlong global dedication to the journalist and musician who was killed in Pakistan in 2002. Coincidentally, Laffing Matterz has just reopened in the Broward Center, as well. Showcase starts at 8 p.m., and admission costs $5. Call 954-462-0222, or visit
Tue., Oct. 20, 8 p.m., 2009