All Murderers Go to Heaven

What do you get when you kill 52 nuns and can’t properly dispose of their bodies? Hilarity, of course! In Dan Goggin’s Nunsense, Sister Julia “accidentally” poisons 52 nuns with her home cooking. Then, after she repents of course, she turns her attention to raising funds for the burials. A bake sale is out of the question, so the next step is to hijack an 8th grade production of Grease and throw a special talent show. A former circus performing nun, an aspiring ballerina sister, and a lady of the habit who was struck with amnesia (after a crucifix knocked her cold) all chip in to bury their dead sisters. It’s a heartwarming and funny story about killing and burying women of the cloth. Find accidental nun genocide at the Tamarac Theater of Performing Arts (7143 N. Pine Island Rd., Fort Lauderdale). Tickets are $20. Call 954-726-7898 or visit
Sun., Aug. 30, 2 p.m., 2009